Tax Estimator
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Tax Estimator

This estimator is provided to assist taxpayers in making informed decisions about real estate taxes and to anticipate the impact of a property sale or new construction during a year that is not undergoing a full county revaluation or value update. Tax rates are established for the next year's tax payments by the State of Ohio Department of Taxation in the second half of December each year. This tool is updated after our office receives the effective tax rates from the State each year. This calculator does not take into consideration any special assessments charges or CAUV related to specific properties.

  Current Proposed
Base Market Value $ $
TIF Market Value $ $
Exempt Market Value $ $
Credit Type:


Tax District: 010 - CITY OF COLUMBUS
Property Type: Residential / Agricultural
Effective Rate: 49.054077
  Current Proposed
Total Taxable Value $0 $0
Non-Business Rate 7.7432% 7.7432%
Owner-Occupied Rate
Homestead Credit Amount
Estimated Annual Tax $0.00 $0.00