Participating in a Property Value Review Meeting:
What you need to know

Property Value Review meetings offer you the opportunity to meet with an Auditor appraisal department member to provide additional information about your property that could impact the final value the Auditor office establishes.

Before scheduling your Informal Value Review meeting, you may want to consider the following:

  • Review the 2023 tentative market value and ask yourself, "Is this a price at which I could reasonably be expected and able to sell my property?" "Is it too high?" "Is it too low?"
  • Review the Franklin County Auditor's office website to verify that all of the property data in reference to yourproperty is accurate. Your property information can be found using the tabs on the left-hand side of your property's summary page.
  • Review the Franklin County Auditor's office website for sale prices of homes in your neighborhood. This information can be found by searching for your property on the Auditor website, then clicking on "Neighborhood Sales" on the upper-right hand corner of the property's summary page. Determining which properties are most like yours will provide a stronger indication of what the marketplace has determined your property's value should be.
  • If desired, you may check with local real estate agents about property values in your neighborhood. Verify what price they might put on your property if you were putting it on the market this year.

If you disagree with the 2023 tentative market value, you may schedule a property value review – either virtually or in-person. Please provide supporting documentation for your filing of an alternative valuation either electronically or in hard copy form.

Potential recommended supporting documentation to bring to your property value review may include:

  • Documents from a private appraisal/professional opinion of value.
  • Any evidence of detrimental property conditions (Photos of the damage).
  • Any evidence of sales of comparable properties in the last year that are considered “arms-length” transactions. (Please note that the Auditor’s office does not utilize Short Sales, Foreclosure Sales, Sheriff Sales, or any other type of distressed transactions.)
  • If you have recently had your property for sale, evidence of any listings or offers that were made.
  • A copy of the conveyance form and/or the final purchase agreement if you recently purchased your property
  • If your property is a rental property, please bring evidence of the rental amount.

The more information that you are able to provide to the Auditor appraisal department, the better.

Please note that you will not receive a final determination of value at the conclusion of your property value review hearing - the final determination will occur in December. The Auditor’s office must review the information shared and may potentially seek additional information about your property prior to providing the proposed final value to the Ohio Department of Taxation for final approval.

After final approval by the state, you will be notified by mail of your final valuation determination in December 2023. The final value will be used to calculate your property tax bills beginning in 2024.